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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training includes 200 hours and it lasts for 7 months. Students go through the training that includes general subject and lectures on yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, yoga teaching methodology,  yoga theory and yoga practice. Yoga Teacher Training is carried out in accordance with the international yoga standards and under the professional guidance of Prof. Predrag Nikic, [...]

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The Great Yoga Performance in Prague, 2016

Yoga Federation of Europe invites you to the International Day of Yoga - CENTRAL MANIFESTATION IN PRAGUE - THE GREAT EUROPEAN YOGA PERFORMANCE 2016 We invite all yoga practitioners to join us at The Great European Yoga Performance YOGA DAYS OF GOOD DEEDS which will be held on the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF [...]

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We invite all yoga practitioners and yoga lovers to join us on the full Moon day at 10:30 pm in common meditation "PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL BEINGS IN THE WORLD". Professor Predrag Nikic, PhD proposed to start joint meditation on the full Moon day each month, through which yoga practitioners will connect by indwelling love, beauty [...]

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