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Yoga Federation of Europe Yoga instructor job opportunity support service

Due to the ever increasing need for encouraging mobility, proficiency and exchange of knowledge, the Yoga Federation of Europe has initiated a service for yoga instructor experience exchange, operating throughout the EU.

The YFE yoga instructor job opportunity support service is free of charge.

This portal will provide you with employment opportunities, as well as presentations of working conditions.


Besides general legal prerequisites concerning employment rights, all candidates must comply with additional terms. In order to apply for one of the jobs, the following is needed:

– certificate/diploma/yoga instructor qualification credentials (200 to 240h) issued by an organisation (school) with national accreditation (approval from appropriate authorities) for education practice in the field of yoga.

– physical readiness


  • Read through the job requirements carefully. The letter of interest (in which you state what specific job position you are applying for), as well as the scanned versions of your diploma and CV (Curriculum vitae) should be sent via email within the stated time limit:
  • Within 15 days you will be informed whether the employer has accepted your request (which puts you in the second round).
  • In the second round the employer schedules a short internet (Skype) interview, allowing you to ask additional questions without further involvement from our side. The interview will help the employer to decide which candidate is suitable for the job. Always be reminded that the interview is an opportunity to find out more details about the job requirements, as well as about the employer himself/herself (his/her references, vision, plans and character), which will help considerably when making a definitive decision. Don’t forget to discuss your future fees and job dynamics. We recommend that you ask the employer to send you a contract offer which you should read through carefully. This contract is not final and you have the right to negotiate the conditions and demands. The contract must clearly state the net pay amount (fee), number of working hours per month and the work period you are hired for.
  • After signing the contract we oblige you to inform us that you have started work and whether the arranged working conditions have been fulfilled according to the contract.